TREND 2 YOU has more than 15 years experience in the female fashion business working as collection agents and distributors, placing our firms meticulously chosen in the best shopping windows of our country

We are strongly placed in the multibrand boutique market, with a target of the 25 to 50 year old woman, centred in the medium-high level of the product.

The sales are centralized in our image showroom, placed in the best commercial area in Madrid. It has spacious rooms where the collections are shown to our customers

Recently, we have relocated to the best comercial area of Madrid, 4 Argensola street, to a building that used to belong to the Marquis of Foronda, using three storeys of the building for our exhibition, with more than 900 m2. A spectacular space where you can enjoy our collections and where we have created different spaces for our clients to have a good time in.

Our team, formed by proffesionals with abundant experience in the sector, stresses every day to offer to our clients the best personalized service in purchasing guidance and the best direct post-sales service.