AnnaRita N is reborn with the awareness that every moment of our existence counts and is precious. We find the extraordinary in everyday, ordinary life. We celebrate the force of now, the presence in each moment. We celebrate the corners and objects that we find in the streets of the city, we celebrate the majestic landscapes of rural life. We celebrate nature and its colors. Everything is inspiration so that a present is lived fully.

The force of now manifests itself in bright colors like orange-red, reflecting the fire within us. We dress in a radiant and peaceful blue and green Amazon, with the aim of remembering the desire to be in harmony with the environment and the people around us.

We highlight our elegance and grace with lavender pink tones, we enhance joy and youth with a new peach, we create a mat with foam and sand colors, carefully chosen to remember our desire to live each moment of this new spring / summer with clarity and serenity.

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